This past March, I found out I was expecting my first little bunny with my husband David. We were overjoyed, nervous, excited and in awe that a little boy would soon going to be a part of our world. After the initial excitement, I realized my current life as a professional artist teaching private lessons, traveling to workshops, and running to meet clients all over the place, was going to be super difficult with a tiny little one in toe. David and I decided I needed to do something home bound - at least for the first few years of our son's life. A little piece of me shouted with joy inside, because secretly all I've wanted to do for years now is buckle down and design a product line of goods for babies and kids. 

So - here we are today busy getting ready for our baby (he's due November 8!) and I'm finally able to share a line of gifts I hope the families you gift them to will cherish for years to come. Designed in Jersey City, NJ - especially for city kids - Baby Lucas products are meant to make little ones happy. 

Thank you so much for being a part of the family!

xo Ashley (aka Lady Lucas)